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Posted by Administrator on 16 November 2016 03:12 pm

1. Terms and agreement
a. PLAYWEBGAME as the official publisher of Dragon Ball Z Online give you the chance to play Dragon Ball Z, based on your agreement of all the terms which is contained in these terms and agreement, the agreement of gaming rules in Dragon Ball Z. Usage of Dragon Ball Z confirms your agreement of all of the terms and conditions, also the gaming rules of Dragon Ball Z. By playing Dragon Ball Z, it means you are agreed of these terms and conditions. If you have questions about Dragon Ball Z terms and conditions, you can contact our customer service at http://support.playwebgame.com/en, or visit our official website, http://db.playwebgame.com/
b. Amendment
PLAYWEBGAME has the right to change the terms or gaming rules of Dragon Ball Z at any time, by a notice in our website; (a) change of agreement, on http://db.playwebgame.com/ at this moment or (b) change of gaming rules, on http://db.playwebgame.com/. Change of agreement or gaming rules will be effective immediately as stated in our website. Every time you use this service (will be explained later), you will be asked repeatedly to state your agreement of agreement and gaming rules of Dragon Ball Z. So that you will always be noticed whether there is a change of the agreement or gaming rules. If you are not accept this amendment, we suggest you to contact PLAYWEBGAME (will be explained later).
This official website is part of our service, and the rule that applies in our website is also consistent to the agreement and gaming rules that applied in Dragon Ball Z.

2. Service Description
PLAYWEBGAME provides Dragon Ball Z service, a social network game (next will be mentioned as “service”), provided in our official website, http://db.playwebgame.com/ (next will be mentioned as ”official website”). PLAYWEBGAME has the right to change the URL of our official website, if needed. To use our service, you just need to use your facebook ID, and you can play the game via facebook. PLAYWEBGAME does not provide internet service, and you are fully responsible for the internet fee that you used.

3. Service Usage
The principal of this agreement is, PLAYWEBGAME gives you the service to play Dragon Ball Z to be used by yourself.
a. You are prohibited to modify, copy, reverse engineering, act illegally to achieve source code, and do other action which can endangered Dragon Ball Z software.
b. You are prohibited to use the software and our service illegally as stated in this agreement.
c. If you have used the Dragon Ball Z service, you are required to maintain your ID, password and your personal data which you use when to register to use our service.
d. Dragon Ball Z name, and all of things that connected to Dragon Ball Z service, including production, modification, distribution, view, also Dragon Ball Z software is patents of PLAYWEBGAME
e. PLAYWEBGAME is not responsible for the use of third party application in Dragon Ball Z which may cause damage in Dragon Ball Z games, because those applications might contain keylogger, virus, and spyware etc. that can steal player information/data.

4. Account ID
a. By playing Dragon Ball Z, you have finished this agreement process, and will maintain your ID. This also implies you as a member. By agreeing these terms, member can fully use this service. You are responsible for the entire thing that you have done by using your ID.
b. Personal data
By the time you make your ID to use our service, you will be asked to fill in your name and your data. You are also required to maintain the data in your ID, such as character, items, as well as other thing that included in Dragon Ball Z. If your name and data is not matched the reality, PLAYWEBGAME has the right to terminate your service.
c. ID
By agreeing this term and agreement, you are agree that you have the ID to use PLAYWEBGAME services, the character which is stored in Dragon Ball Z server, the items on your Dragon Ball Z character and all that contains in it. ID that you made is required for you to use PLAYWEBGAME services. ID and all the data it contains is rightfully belong to PLAYWEBGAME.
d. Forum ID
You have the option to make an ID in Dragon Ball Z official forum. You are prohibited to use violent, racism, vulgar, and impolite words. You are also prohibited to use an ID which is corresponds to Dragon Ball Z products, Natsume, One Up, Marvelous, or PLAYWEBGAME. If you violate this terms, then we have the right to stop your forum service. You also fully responsible for your forum ID and all posts you have made in our official website (http://forum.playwebgame.com/).
e. Character name
To be able to use our service, you are required to make your main character and decide its name, as your identity in our service. You are prohibited to use a name which is contains violent, racism, vulgar, and impolite words. You are also prohibited to use a name which is corresponds to Dragon Ball Z products, Natsume, One Up, Marvelous, or PLAYWEBGAME. If you violate this terms, then we have the right to stop your forum service.
f. Clan
Clan is a feature in our service. You are prohibited to use clan name and all the material which is connected to the clan with violent, racism, vulgar and impolite words. You are also prohibited to use a name which is corresponds to Dragon Ball Z products, Natsume, One Up, Marvelous, or PLAYWEBGAME. If you violate this terms, then we have the right to stop your forum service.
g. Password
Every time you want to use our service, you are required to fill in a password to access your ID. You are responsible to keep your password secret, you are also responsible for all of the act that related to your ID. PLAYWEBGAME will not ask your password. You are also suggested to do preventive action to maintain the security and the stability of your operating system you use, PLAYWEBGAME are not responsible for the damage that occurs because of a virus, spyware or hacking attempts from third party to attain your data from your operating system.
h. Registration obligation
You are agree to use the data correctly, accurately and actually of the information that related to point 4(a) and always maintain the truth, accuracy, and actuality of the data. PLAYWEBGAME has the right to not give the service upon your ID.
i. ID blocking
Service ID which has been terminated or blocked by PLAYWEBGAME cannot access our service features can be caused by many things. Therefore, you are strongly suggested to understand the gaming rules which can be accessed from our official website.
j. ID related to violation
If PLAYWEBGAME terminates or blocked a service ID, then PLAYWEBGAME has the right to terminate or block other service ID which is related to the violation.
k. Inside Dragon Ball Z
PLAYWEBGAME will not tolerate any gaming rules violation, including spam and flood. PLAYWEBGAME has the right to punish those act, or to suspend our service to ID which is commit those violation.

5. Payment
a. Payment system is listed in registration website. All payment transaction listed is done in rupiah currency. All form of transaction is irrecoverable or cannot be exchanged partly or fully in rupiah currency or other currency, with any kind of reason. These terms is also applied at service interruption, service maintenance, or closed service (view part 10). The terms and agreement of Dragon Ball Z payment system application can be change at any time without early notice from PLAYWEBGAME. All of payment terms and payment tax is your responsibilities as the member of Dragon Ball Z. If you are already a member of Dragon Ball Z, by doing transaction and payment, you are agreed to PLAYWEBGAME that you are the account owner, and you are agreed that whether there is a data changes in your payment account, then you will inform immediately the true and accurate payment data to PLAYWEBGAME. If your account is expired or closed without any clear reason, then you will report this incident to PLAYWEBGAME to be followed up according to this service agreement.
b. You fully understand and agree that all form of refund or credit or payment claim is cannot be processed furthermore if you are not closed your account previously according to terms in written form and according to cancelation terms from PLAYWEBGAME. Furthermore, you are agreed that the terms and conditions of Dragon Ball Z is a unity. You have no right to cancel transaction after doing all form of payment.
c. PLAYWEBGAME has the right to change any kind of payment, price, and payment method of Dragon Ball Z, including the alternative structure of this service payment. Changes will be announced in our official website. If you are disagreed with the new terms, you have to cancel your account before the new terms applied. If you cancel afterwards, then your account is automatically follows the new terms.

6. Content and Rules
a. Content
You are fully aware that: (i) by using Dragon Ball Z software and services, you have the access to graphics, sounds, music, animation videos, content, files, data, characters (and all item or attribute which is connected to the character), in game objects and its writing (next will be mentioned as “service content”). And (ii) service content will be provided by PLAYWEBGAME as the official publisher of Dragon Ball Z. PLAYWEBGAME has the right to change the service content (including your data), partially or fully at any time, with or without any reason or early notice. And you are agreed to release PLAYWEBGAME from all of charges.
b. Copy rights
You fully understand that PLAYWEBGAME is the rightful owner of Dragon Ball Z based on the law. And you also agreed to fully responsible for the usage of service content that you use.
c. Member information
Members can store information in our server in many ways, one of it is by making character and items in Dragon Ball Z, also in our other service that we provide. By storing this information, you have understand and agreed to give non-exclusive rights, universal, and continuously to PLAYWEBGAME to run the service from member information that has been stored. You are fully responsible for the information that has been stored, and release PLAYWEBGAME from all charges from the third party which might feel aggrieved with the presence of information that you have been stored.
d. Member rules
You are agreed to not use this service for: (i) uploading, posting, email or other action which is violates other party copy rights; (ii) claimed to be one of the staff, personnel, or other party that associated with PLAYWEBGAME, or confessing as other person which is does not fit your data that you have been stored in us; (iii) using upload facility, post, email, or other action which is against the law; (iv) using upload facility, post, email or other action which is considered dangerous, threatening, arbitrary, insult, vulgar, violent, racist, privacy or comfort harming of other player; or contain virus, trojan, worm, and other illegal program which can be damage, endangered, interfere service system, service data, service comfort and customer information; (v) using upload facility, post, email to spread information data which has been protected by the company and the law; (vi) using upload facility, post, email to spread products, promotion materials, junk mail, spam, chain letter, pyramid posting and all other form of abuse; (vii) intentionally interfering or interrupting service process, server, rules and regulations of network which connects service to its customer; (viii) intentionally or inadvertent doing information spying from other customer.
You agreed that PLAYWEBGAME has the right to do preventing act and also to punish if necessary to deal with the problem that might endangered our service, like mentioned above, without early notice to you.

7. Babeltime has developed Dragon Ball Z to be officially playable through service that provided
by no other than PLAYWEBGAME. You agreed not to access, create or provide unofficial or illegal media to play Dragon Ball Z. You agreed not to use any tools or programs as a media that helps and provide advantage to you when using our service, such as bot, other method which can be use the service automatically without a human help and other method, beside the media or the program that has been agreed by PLAYWEBGAME. You acknowledge by help of software, program, application or tools which is not from PLAYWEBGAME. You are prohibited to do action which can harm or damage in the infrastructure that has been made.
You are also prohibited to buy or sale Dragon Ball Z ID, character, item, currency in Dragon Ball Z, and all the content that contains in Dragon Ball Z service, by using real currency, or others. You are also prohibited to help other customer doing so. Dragon Ball Z and its entire content are belong to PLAYWEBGAME.

8. Privacy
PLAYWEBGAME respect the customer privacy terms which related to data use and your private information.

9. Violations
Even though PLAYWEBGAME doing its best to watch and taking decisive actions regarding violations and impolite words that used in the service, there’s a possibility that impolite words or other thing appear in the service, and also not suited for user of certain age. PLAYWEBGAME will not take action to monitor those actions with pre-screen method.

10. Service termination
a. PLAYWEBGAME has the right to stop the service temporary, annually or not, with or withour warning, to do maintenance. You are agreed that PLAYWEBGAME are not responsible for any delay or service termination that caused by this maintenance.
b. You acknowledge that our service can be terminated by cause beyond our control and authority. You are agreed to release PLAYWEBGAME from all charges for this.
c. PLAYWEBGAME has the right to change of change or negate the element of our terms and service at any time.
d. PLAYWEBGAME not responsible to give compensation for the cost that you have paid, if there is a service termination which has been explained in section 10(a) and (b).

11. Responsibility and Guarantee
PLAYWEBGAME provide service, software, Dragon Ball Z account and other service which has been mentioned above. Based on the law, PLAYWEBGAME will not give a written or spoken guarantee in any kind of agreement in our service, related to title, violation, trade able and other thing. Without any intention to limit our service, PLAYWEBGAME is not guarantee a free problem service, security or any other negative thing. You are agree that PLAYWEBGAME is not required to refund the service payment that you have been paid, related to this problem.

12. Liability limitation and responsibilities
The maximum liability or responsibility of PLAYWEBGAME (including shareholders, partner, affiliates, directors, officers, subsidiaries, employees, agents, suppliers, owner, commissionaire, licensees or distributors), will be released from responsibilities to you in this limited term of agreement. Harm limitation is not exceeds nominal amount of payment which has processed by you to PLAYWEBGAME for the last six months. In any kind of circumstances, PLAYWEBGAME and part of its company including content provider, shareholder, partners, affiliates, directors, officers, employees, agent or suppliers, owner, commissionaire, released from the responsibilities against you or third party and any other party for any kind of problem, including, accident that resulting sanction or harm warning, (including, without any limitation, loss of business profits, business interruption, loss of business information or harm which is related to money or materials), regardless the theory of liability (including contract, negligence, or strict liability) which is appear because of service related, software, your account, or this agreement which is might happen to you, whether it’s happened or not, PLAYWEBGAME (or Released Party) acknowledge or not for certain harm which might be appeared will be released of those things. You agreed that PLAYWEBGAME and its part are released from any kind of responsibility and any incident appeared from the access process or subscription of Dragon Ball Z service.

13. Assurance
Behalf on PLAYWEBGAME, you agreed and will not file lawsuits against (a) PLAYWEBGAME, (b) its shareholder, partners, directors, officers, employee, agents or other party that helps our service, on all of damage, harm, claims, expenses, including lawyer fee, and other fee related directly or indirectly to this service or agreement violation by you.

14. Agreement cancelation
a. PLAYWEBGAME has the right to stop or cancel this agreement (including software and account that you possess) directly without early notice if you violates this agreement, or deliberately violates rules related to other parties, or if your data authentication process is problematic, or if you violates the rules that has been written in game, chat or your character activity in Dragon Ball Z. if PLAYWEBGAME decides to stop or cancel this agreement, in any circumstances, then you will lose access to use your account.
b. You agreed whether your account service suspended or closed, terminated or cancelled for any reason in certain period of time, you will not have the right to ask for refund from the lost time of unusable time.

15. Terms and general conditions
Terms and conditions mentioned above are the truth and protected by the law. All problems appeared caused by connection problem or any other problem which is appeared by service and this agreement, and then you agreed that PLAYWEBGAME and all of its party will be released from any responsibilities or claims. You agreed to fully obey all of game rules and other conditions that have been stated in this agreement. You also will fully obey export law and regulation from Indonesia (export laws) to ensure that this software or service is cannot be exported, directly or indirectly, related to violation of export laws; or related to use for any kind of reason is strictly prohibited by export law. If you violated this terms then PLAYWEBGAME will take direct action and use sanction in accordance with the violation and harm. You are prohibited to transfer or point other party for the rights related to this agreement. This agreement with all its absolute content and terms has set along with its explanation is an agreement between you and PLAYWEBGAME. All those terms is absolute and PLAYWEBGAME has the right to change those terms without early notice. If you have any questions related to this agreement and service, you can send an email to our customer service at http://support.playwebgame.com/en