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Knowledgebase : Dragon Ball Z
Posted by Administrator on 16 November 2016 02:46 pm

Q: How many types of gear/equipment are there in the game?
A: Currently there are 3 types of gear, The normal gear like armors, weapons, boots, helm, etc. then there are accessories and Z-Artifact.

Q: How the rarity/quality of item in the game is divided?
A: The quality/rarity order of item in game is white - green - blue - purple - gold - red.

Q: How to equip gear?
A: Click the “team” button on the main interface to enter team interface, select the partner from the left you want to equip the gear, click the gear from the gear column on the right to equip.

Q: I've been beating lot of bad guys on map but i don't get new gear
A: New gears are created/crafted. First you need to Collect the materials then go to Temple of Heaven and seek Ox-King to create new gear. You will learn recipe to create better gear once you reach the required level.

Q: Is there any way to improve my current gear?
A: You can fortify your gear to improve it's stats. Fortification needs silver and it will never fail!!

Q: Why I cannot fortify my gear?
A: Fortification level is in accordance to current character level, level up your character so you can further increase your fortification

Q: How many max crew can I bring and can i recall the crew that leaves the team?
A: You can bring at most 5 partners in to battle while you can bring 10 recruited partners at max Fame Rank. Max number of Recruited partner can be further increase using gold. For crew/partner that leaves team, they can be recalled at Hero Hotel. If you dismiss them at Hero Hotel, then they're leaving permanently

Q: How to get stronger partner?
A: You can recruit partner at Legendary Warrior and Tavern. Partner in Legendary Warrior require certain amount of Will Proof item type and Hero Card to recruit. They also can be further upgraded. While partner in Tavern only need certain amount of Hero Cards to recruit. They can't be upgraded but strong enough to compete with those at Legendary Warrior

Q: Are there any 'guild' systems here?
A: Guild systems here are called Legion.

Q: Oh that sounds cool !! How to create it? And what are the requirements?
A: First you need to reach Lv 21. After choosing which planet to join, you can create or join a Legion. Keep in mind to create a Legion you need to pay certain amount of silvers.

Q: I can't win against this bad guy!! His defense is as tough as nail!!
A: You need to change your skill. First, make sure you have unlock the skill on Potential Window. Then click formation button. The skills you have unlocked will appear on the right side, feel free to switch them when you feel necessary.

Q: Ok, i won. But can i get another skill?
A: Yes, you can. Keep collectiong Potential point from first map clearance (both Trial Maps and Normal Maps) and from Battle for Planet Namek. Once you have enough, you can unlock bonus stat and new skill on Potential function

Q: The game runs slow since there are too many characters, are there anywayto remove or hide other players in the game scene?
A: There is a “Hide” button on upper right corner of the screen near the map button. The button is using eye as icon, click it to hide other players.

Q: I need materials, How many times can i enter Trial?
A: You can enter a Trial max once a day. But if you're VIP, you can reset dungeon and enter it again. The higher your VIP level, more reset chance you get

Q: These trials are too easy!!
A: If you feel that way, why not challenge trial's hard difficulty? Hard difficulty offers better reward and more EXP than normal one. But it's, well, harder.

Q: I just recruit new partner but his level is sooooo low.
A: There are 2 'shortcut' to level partners. First is the exp scrolls. You can get this through various means but the earliest way to get it is by exchanging Hero Cards at tavern. The Second method is 'Inherit EXP' function. This function can be found on lower left Team window. By using Inherit EXP, you can 'move' exp accumulated by 1 partner to another partner.

Q: What place does the bonus properties added by Shenron take effect?
A: Take effect on Arena, Guild War, Guild Boss.

Q: Any trade feature between players in the game?
A: Unfortunately, no. There isn't any trade feature between players

Q: How to get Gem and inlay it?
A: Joining in-game event can get Gem, can also be bought from Shop. After getting Gem, go to Temple of Heaven and meet Krillin to inlay, or use Gem in backpack to open Gem Panel.

Q: When will the Arena appear?
A: Arena will appear at around level 24 after completing specific quest.

Q: When will Shenron open?
A: Shenron will open at level 21 after completing specific quest.