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Knowledgebase : Anime Ninja
Frequently Ask & Questions
Posted by Administrator on 23 June 2016 03:59 pm

Q: How many equipment grades in Anime Ninja
A: For now, there are 6 Types of Equipments, White, Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow and Red

Q: Is there Gemstones in Anime Ninja?
A: Yes, but in Anime Ninja, it is called as “Jade”

Q: Can we embed the Jade into the Equipment?
A: Yes, we can embed (Inlay, in Anime Ninja) Jade into our equipment through NPC Ibiki

Q: I am going to recruit a new Ninja into my team, but the game prevents me to do so?
A: You might need to upgrade your Ninja Rank first, you can upgrade your Ninja Rank by going to the Arena and collecting the Arena Daily Chest

Q: I have 4 Ninja in my team but I can only carry 3?
A: In this case, you need to upgrade your Ninja Rank, some Rank can upgrade your maximum recruitable ninja and playable ninja.

Q: How many maximum Ninja we can carry?
A: For now, you can only carry 5 Ninja into battle.

Q: Is there a quick way to increase the amount of Recruitable Ninja?
A: Yes, you can expande the amount of Recruitable Ninja by clicking Team Button, and click Expand button on the bottom left of the Panel.

Q: Is there Pet System in the Game?
A: There are Summon System in the game, it is similar to Pet System, the difference is the Summon System are more unique, and the summons are all the Tailed Beast that exist in original story.

Q: I have entered the game for the first time, but I did not find the Summon?
A: Summons are unlocked when your  protagonist reached level 20.

Q: How do I change my Shukaku into Matatabi?
A: You can change your summon everytime your summon reached level 10.

Q: How do I turn off the music?
A: You can toggle music on/off by clicking the setting button under the Map button on top right of the screen.

Q: Can I strengthen my equipment?
A: yes you can strengthen the equipment of your character by clicking Fortify button and enhance.

Q: What is S.Wpn?
A: S.Wpn or Special Weapons are equipments that can be obtained through Realm, each time you cleared a Realm, you will get a Special Weapons that can be equipped on your characters.