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Knowledgebase : Eternal Chaos
Posted by Administrator on 23 June 2016 03:44 pm

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Q: How many levels do VIP have?
A: 13 in total.

Q: What are the privileges do VIP have?
A: VIP can open the storage freely, get the EXP bonus, higher possibility to lighten up the Zodiac, best treasure location display, extra Digs, extra Honor awards.

Q: How many occupations does the game have?
A: Three occupations by far– Assassin, Berserker and Mage.

Q: What are the important attributes do the roles have?
A: HP, Magic, Defense, Attack, Dodge, Crit

Q: What is Zodiac system, and its use?
A?One constellation can be lightened up after each upgrade(Chrono Energy needed), which would offer you some Attributes Enhance. It would also remind you to use the new functions available.

Q: How to use the upgrading skills and what are the advantages?
A: Upgrading can be made by using skills to increase proficiency, or by consuming Chrono Energy to upgrade the skills. The higher level the skills obtain, the more damage can be released.

Q: How to attain Chrono Energy?
A: Through Daily Loop Quest, Energy-gathering and so on.

Q?How to get Title?
A: Title would be got when ranking on the board, open VIP to obtain special Title.

Q?How to get Beast and what are the functions?
A?Completing the mainline tasks of lv11 to open Beast System and get one. Players can obtain Attributes bonus corresponding to Beast’s level. Beast can not only fight with you, but also increase the Attributes when using Merge Skill.

Q?How to upgrade?
A?Feed it to increase Beast Soul by Chrono Energy. It can be upgraded when Beast Soul reaching to a certain amount. Beast Upgrading Stone would be needed.

Q?How to attain Beast Soul Stones?
A?By challenging Beast Den.

Q?How to attain Beast Upgrading Stone?
A?By challenging Campaigns to get awards.

Q?How to attain Mount and what’s the use?
A?Completing the mainline tasks of lv17 to open Mount System and obtain one. Mount gives players Attributes bonus corresponding to its level. Mount can not only increase your moving speed, but also allow you to fight on the back of it when it reaching to lv5 and learning some related Mount skills.

Q?How to upgrade?
A?By consuming Mount Upgrading Stones in the interface of Mount.

Q?What’s the benefits of Blessing when upgrading?
A?Blessing would be added after each upgrading which would increase the possibility to upgrade..

Q?How to attain Cloak, and what’s the use?
A?Completing the mainline tasks of lv50 to open Cloak System and obtain one. It will give you Attributes bonus corresponding to its level. Cloak would not only beautify the look, but also give you certain Attributes bonus by learning some related skills.

Q?How to upgrade?
A?By consuming some amount of Magic Patterned Brocade in the interface of Cloak.

Q?What’s the use of Blessing when upgrading?
A?Blessing would be added after using Magic Patterned Brocade to upgrade. The more you get, the higher possibility to successfully upgrade.

Q?How to attain Artifact and what’s the use?
A?Finishing mainline tasks of lv52 to open Artifact System and obtain Artifact. Players would get Attributes bonus corresponding to the level of the Artifact. Artifact will follow the players and corresponded Attributes Bonus would be obtained by learning the Artifact skills.

Q?How to upgrade?
A?By increasing Artifact Proficiency in the battles. Using Artifact Upgrading Stones to upgrade in the interface of Artifact when the Proficiency gets full.

Q? What’s the benefit of Blessing when upgrading?
A?Blessing would be added when using Upgrading Stones to upgrade each time. The more you get, the higher possibility you would have to successfully upgrade.

Q? What is Title System? How to open it and what’s the use?
A?Open when reaching lv18. When Honor reaches a certain amount, corresponded Title would be activated which would give you Attributes bonus.

Q?How to attain Honor?
A? By completing Honor Tasks to gain at most 500 points of Honor per day and large amount of prop awards..

Q? How to differentiate the equip quality?
A?From low to high: white, green, blue, purple, orange.

Q? What is equip chain and what’s the use?
A?EQ Chain is to trigger Attributes bonus when equip is reaching to certain requirements, three ways in total: Chain Enhance, Emblem Combo, Quality Chain on the basis of Enhance level, Emblem Level, equip quality level respectively. It can increase Attributes.

Q? How to attain purple equip?
A? Team up to Derby Castle, Spider Cave or challenge Hero Trials; exchange for it in store by Valor.

Q: When will Blessed Trial open and what’s the use?
A? When reaching lv55?it will be open. Compose Purple equip with related equip pieces through Blessed Trial which needs a certain amount of Blessed Stones.

Q: How to attain Blessed Stones and Blessed pieces?
A: Attain Blessed pieces through Blessed Trials.

Social Intercourse
Q?What’s the benefit to add friends?
A?To know friends’ online situation and to obtain coins through Friend Gift. The more friends you have, the more gifts you would get.

Q? How to open the legion?
A?Complete the mainline tasks of lv40 to open.

Q? How to establish a legion?
A?When reaching lv30, obtaining Commander Flag and 100,000 coins, legion can be founded.
Commander Flag can be gained by challenging Legion BOSS, or purchase it in the store.

Q?How to upgrade the legion and what’s the use?
A? To acquire upgrading props (Bronze, Silver and Gold Token ) through World BOSS drops, then donate them to upgrade in the interface of Legion. Legion would give some Attributes bonus to union members, higher level of union with higher bonus.

Q? How to open Campaign? How many times available everyday?
A?Enter the Campaign through Campaign board. One time is freely available per day which would be reset at 0.

Q?Quit in the middle of the Campaign, can I continue?
A?The system would remain the process, but only for 5 minutes. It would be reset in 5 minutes, and you would have consumed this chance.

Environment Elements 1
Q: Where to download micro client-end and complete client-end?
A: Enter the official website to download:

Q: What if unsuccessful load happen or get a blank screen?
A1:Clean the cache then close your browser, try to log in again.
Find “fancy”under C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator, delete it. If not found, you can open C:\ and search “fancy”, then delete it. If it shows “can’t be deleted”, first, log out the user or re-start the computer to delete, then log in the game after that.
A2: Try another browser.

Q: It takes much long time to load, what to do with that?
A:First, please close download tools and video players; check out whether the internet is correctly linked with; refresh and re-log in.

Q: How to deal with internet jams while there are too many players?
A1: Click “Game Settings”at the top right corner to reduce players shown.
A2: Upgrade your graphics card.
A3: Internet operators like China Railway Communication, China Mobile, Telecom Network, Great Wall Broadband, Founder Broadband, Ge Hua Broadband and so on would appear time-retardation occasionally.
A4: Open“Game Settings”at the top right corner; close“Game Effect”.

Q: Can’t play after log in, characters around disappearing?
A: First, please close download tools and video players; check out whether the internet is correctly linked with; refresh and re-log in.

Environment Elements 2
Q: Still shown “disconnected”after log in?
A1: First, please close download tools and video players; check out whether the internet is correctly linked with; refresh and re-log in.
A2: Examine with another account or by logging in other games, then re-log in.
A3: Check out whether there are some maintenance announcement. During the maintenance period, it might lead to your disconnecting.

Q: Often lose connection?
A1: Internet operators like China Railway Communication, China Mobile, Telecom Network, Great Wall Broadband, Founder Broadband, Ge Hua Broadband and so on would appear time-retardation occasionally, which would lead to the disconnection.
A2: It might result in disconnection during the maintenance period, and we sincerely apologize for it.
A3: Please close software that occupies lots of resources such as download tools and video players; refresh and re-log in.

Q: Blurred screen emerged after opening the small map?
A: Clean up the cache, then re-log in.

Q: Can’t log in because of the internet jam?
A: Complete client-end suggested; clean the cache, then re-log in.

Q: ”Abnormal account ”reminded when logging in, without any third-party plugins?
A1: Fancy 3D recommended to install.
A2: No plug-ins or any fastening software suggested.
A3: Please check the internet, retardation might cause mistakes of the system.
A4: Change another computer when in the internet bar in case of the application limitation which would cause abnormal account as well.

Hardware Environment
Q: No sounds after log in?
A1: Check out the audio equipment; install audio card drive.
A2: Whether the music is on, check the setting at top right corner of the screen.

Q: 3D plug-in breakdown when logging in through micro client-end?
A: Close the software and re-enter.

Q: XXX not work?
A: We have recorded your reflection; thank you very much for your remind, we would renovate this function.

General Questions
Q: There are some players trolling other players on the game. What do I do?
A: Our team takes players who are soliciting, spamming, or abusing other players very seriously. If you have experienced such issue, please do not hesitate to contact us through Support tickets or Facebook fan page. We will investigate the case and take appropriate measures.

Q: I purchased Recharge /gold but I haven’t received them. What do I do?
A: Please submit a Support ticket by clicking on “Support” button on the game screen, so that we can verify whether your transaction has gone through. Meanwhile, we kindly ask you to verify the transaction number whether the purchase has been approved. If it is approved, please send us the transaction record and we will try to reprocess it.

Q:On Chrome i downloaded and installed the fancy 3D Plug-in, But it doesn’t let me play. What should i do?
A: You can use IE Tab plugin for Chrome. For more detail click here.

Q: My computer won’t download the game, it just runs constant security scans. What do I do?
A: Please submit a Support ticket and let us know which operating system and Internet browser you are using. If you can provide us with the name of the security software you’re using that would be extra helpful. If you are on PC, we recommend you to try using Mini-client and directly play from there. It is safe, secure, and fast.

You can download the Mini-client here: http://eco.playwebgame.com/miniclient/EternalChaos.exe

Q: Disconnect problem on Mini-client. What do I do?
A: If Mini-client does not work, please check if your Flash Player is up to date. Most disconnection issues will be resolved by making sure the Flash Player is the latest version, since Internet Explorer is the only platform that allows Facebook login through the Mini-client.

Q: Is there a guide that explains all places, items, weapons, skills, etc?
A: We are currently on our way of developing an extensive guide/wiki for Eternal Chaos. In the meanwhile, you can find some Beginner’s guides, definitions, and instructions here on the Eternal Chaos Game Info: http://eco.playwebgame.com/game-info/

Q: How can I hide the icons on the game screen?
A: To hide the icons on the top right of the game screen, you can click on the “Hide Icons” which is on the top column of the icons. Or you can click on the collapse arrow next to the Map module to make them disappear. You can click on it again to display them again.


Q: My computer is running slow/laggy when playing Eternal Chaos. What do I do?
A: Please check if your computer’s Internet network has no issues. If that doesn’t solve the problem, please try clearing cache on Mini-client, or reinstalling Fancy 3D Plug-in.


In order to reinstall Fancy 3D Plug-in, please go to C Drive → User folder → [Your Name] folder to find a folder named “fancy”. Permanently delete the “fancy” folder, and restart Eternal Chaos. Follow instructions to download the Fancy 3D Plug-in again.

Q: How can I use auto-path or auto-fight functions?
A: Auto-path and auto-fight functions are available for players who have activated VIP mode. Activate our VIP mode and please bask in the convenience that auto-path and auto-fight provide!

Q: What are the coins for?
A: The coins serve multiple purposes on Eternal Chaos. They are for purchasing items in the Store, upgrading items / mounts / pets / and many other equips, recovering resources, exchanging in special events, or refreshing on Chrono Wanted. There are many places coins are necessary.

Q: Where can I get gold in this game?
A: You can obtain Gold by clicking on the “Gold Store” icon and making a gold recharge

Q: How do I get the fashion items?
A: It depends on what kind of fashion item you wish to get. For example, the Gold set comes free with Gold VIP or you can buy it in store. Fashion items can usually be obtained in monthly exchange events and another events.

Q: Help me! My fashion items are gone.
A: Fashion items are not stored in your bag, but somewhere else. To check, go to Character Inferface (Shortcut key: C), and then click “Fashion”. And click “Unlock” button next to your Fashion item in order to equip.

Q: Where to do some questions especially for BUG?
A: There is BUG collection post in the official website forum / you can directly message us on Official Facebook Fanpage, put forward your questions, and you would get awards when suggestions taken.

Q: I reached the level cap. What happens now?
A: Congrats on reaching level 109! It’s truly a great accomplishment. Please work on improving other aspects of your character. We will release new features every once in a while (they unlock at lower levels). The level cap won’t be holding you up in terms of building Battle Rating.

Q: Can I have second or third character under the same account?
A: One account is associated with only one character. If you wish to have more characters, please consider making new accounts. Or you can play on a different server, which will require you to make a new character.

Q:BUG reply
A:Hello, we have recorded your reflection and professionals have been examining and testing. It would be renovated soon. Thank you very much for your support.

Q: Can’t log in, reminding of another server?
A: Refresh and re-enter; or try to change the district.

Q: Ask to unban account for brushing messages?
A: Hello, brushing messages in World would cause inconvenience to other players, please wait patiently. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Q? How to display items in Chatting window?
A? Press SHIFT and click the item.

Q?How to fast level up?
A: To gain large amount of EXP through Campaigns, wild Auto mode, Energy-gather, Double EXP and so on.

Q: Team up to fight?
A: You can team up to do tasks and Campaigns.

Q: How to fasten your level?
A: For a newer, you can get large amount of EXP through mainline tasks, and through participating in all sorts of Campaign and “Daily Activities”.

Q: How to gain EQ?
A: Attain EQ awards after completing mainline tasks and you can gain it through Campaign drops or other random awards after finishing the Campaign. World BOSS would drop upscale EQ.

Q: Can’t move during the game due to the internet jam?
A: Click “go back to City of Time”, up the skill board to return.

Q: What is C-energy? How to attain? What’s the use?
A: It’s the necessary item for upgrading skills and Zodiac. Gain more C-energy through Energy-gather and activities.

Q: How to gain Skill Book?
A: Off-line Combat to exchange Honor Gifts to gain Skill Book. Pay attention to the activities for more.

Q: What to do after completion of mainline tasks?
A: Hello, after completion of mainline tasks, you can go to the Loop Quest or Demon Hunt, or you can participate activities.

Q: How to attain Beast Soul Stones?
A: Challenge Beast Den to gain it or trade with other players.

Q: No auto reminder of tasks?
A: Press unfold button on the right to unfold the tasks.

Questions refer to official websites or platform
Q: Can’t remember my account?
A: Hello, you need to offer some related information to help us find your account.

Q: Activated but can not log in?
A: Hello, please check whether you have logged in two accounts at the same time and make sure you are using the correct account.

Q: What’s the official website of Eternal Chaos?
A: Hello, the official website is: http://eco.playwebgame.com

Q: Any activate codes gifts?
A: Can be only got through website or any other media tunnels. We do not have activate codes for you.

Q: Can activate codes attained?
A: Hello, you can only attain it in media websites respectively.

Q: Can not use the activate codes?
A: Hello, please first check whether your account has been correctly activated; gift codes can not be used as game activate codes; if you need to activate the game, attain it in media websites.

I want to ask a question that’s not on here. Where can I ask the question?
You can submit a Support ticket by clicking on the “Support” button on the top left of the game. If using Mini-client, find on the “Support” button on the login page.

You can also send a message to the inbox of our Facebook fanpage https://www.facebook.com/messages/356287174564162 . There’s also a Facebook group for Eternal Chaos players where you can ask questions to fellow players () but we encourage using the group mainly for making friends, recruiting for legions, or sharing your achievements.

chat-4-128 Forum : http://enforum.playwebgame.com/forum/the-games/eternal-chaos
facebook-2-128 Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/EternalChaosOnlinePlayWebGame/
google-plus-128G+ : https://plus.google.com/111328973590878114312/posts
youtube-4-128 Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/user/PlaywebgamePWG/
online-support-128 Support : https://ensupport.playwebgame.com/